This Tuesday, we’re launching Sunrise School: an online training program designed to develop thousands of young leaders and introduce them to the fight for a Green New Deal. As we transition many facets of our organizing to digital platforms, we realize the massive amount of people power required to keep our movement strong during the crisis and ready for action once it passes. With so many students stuck at home, wondering what’s going on and if they can help, it’s the perfect opportunity to get involved.

Sign up now to join our first training: a 4-day Green New Deal & Coronavirus crash course. Don’t forget to invite friends who are also out of school and passionate about making this country better for everyone.

In the Green New Deal & Coronavirus crash course, you’ll learn exactly what the Green New Deal is and where it came from, how it fits into the coronavirus crisis, and how we can work together to win it, including actions you can take even while stuck inside!

In the next few weeks, Sunrise School will be launching a full slate of trainings, including Movement Building 101, Shifting Your Organizing During Corona, and a series of skill workshops on everything from leading good online meetings, to video editing, and more. In all the trainings, you’ll get the chance to:

  • Build connections with other young people who are freaked out about climate change, the coronavirus, and the state of our world.

  • Learn about the crises gripping our society and how to confront them.

  • Take action with small groups of others in your area while social distancing.

Gabriel Mesa, 17

Gabriel Mesa is the founder of Mesa Foundry, a company dedicated to sponsoring innovators whose revolutionary concepts have the potential to change the lives of millions around the globe. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Gabriel is also an inventor. He began developing a biodegradable Carbon Battery, one of his many inventions, at the age of 15. The battery serves as a motion-powered energy source which harnesses free energy. Gabriel is engaged in commercializing his inventions, a process which entails fabrication and distribution.


The Mesa Foundry is dedicated to innovations that can change the lives of people around the world. From green energy solutions to biomedical devices, Mesa Foundry focuses on social good through technology. Inspired by the miracle 2-D material graphene and the power of piezoelectric substances, the Mesa Foundry has focused on applying energy in novel ways for residential and medical applications. 

Emma Yang, 13

Emma Yang is a computer scientist who is passionate about empowering girls and women to pursue careers in male-dominated fields. She believes the world would benefit greatly from the groundbreaking ideas of the uncharted demographic. In 2015, Emma claimed second place in the Technovation Challenge, a technology entrepreneurship competition that encourages girls to practice code. After winning the competition, Emma went on to develop an app called ‘Timeless’.

Timeless helps Alzheimer’s patients and their loved ones to reestablish a sense of control and connectedness at times they feel most powerless. When addressing the matter of stimulating creativity and innovation she had the following to say: “There’s so many opportunities and possibilities. It’s really a time for you to experiment and see what you’re interested in.”



I invite you to read and reflect on my contentions on this website and in the guidebook, INVITING YOUTHS TO CLAIM THE POWER OF THEIR IMAGINATIONS.

However long ago it may have been—or perhaps not along at all—recall your own aspirations when you were a youth. What were they? What happened to them in your life? If these youthful aspirations have guided you, where are you with them now? If you discarded these aspirations in adulthood for whatever reason, what do you feel/think about them now

When you were a youth, did adults take your aspirations seriously? Were they regarded with respect?

I invite you to reflect and consider.